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Previous Manis

29 Sep

Good Morning. I just wanted to post a few pictures of some previous manis until I can get another set done. I was too busy last night tyring to post pictures to do a new set. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll like these. I’ll have to get back to you with colors of polishes and such. These 2 base colors are by Sinful Colors.

 This next one, is Mint Apple by Sinful Colors. The top coat is Nicole’s (by OPI) textur in black. I love this look. 🙂  
Like I said, these are some pictures of previous manis. I first posted these on my Pinterest account so if you’ve seen them, that was before I had my logo. lol. I’ll get some new stuff posted soon. Thank you. 🙂


My routine before Polish

29 Sep

Ok. So, when I created this blog, I said “I’d like to help others take care of their nails” and of course, for myself, learn to better care for my own nails. I’ve learned a lot thanks to many many other nail blogging fanatics. I’ve learned to never go without a few things when doing my nails. This blog will talk about a few of them. Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, I’ll try my best to answer them, since I’m still getting the hang of my BLOG! Ah! 🙂

Ok. So first step of course is removing all old nail polish. Here, I use regular nail polish remover. Right now, I’m using Target’s brand of nail polish-non acetone.

After removing all polish, I then go back and apply my cuticle oil which I LOVE! I bought it at WalMart for $5. It’s awesome and as my best friend said “you’ll never in your life ever need to buy cuticle oil ever again”. lol. So here’s my cuticle oil:

After that, I rub it in, massage my fingers, the cuticles, around my nail (where I tend to bite off dead skin and I HATE it!) and then push cuticles back using cuticle pusher. Which, I recommend being gentle as not to rip or tear them. Small cuts and nail polish don’t go well together. While that’s setting in and doing my cuticles a favor, I usually file and reshape any chipped nails (I work in a library so books don’t preserve my hard work) or just trim them. Then I swipe over nails-and nails only, not going over skin to remove oil-to clean my nail and prep for base coat.

My base coat is by (which all throughout my usage, has been referred as SV) Seche Vite (love it). This is also suppose to work as a matte finish…NOT. But does wonders as a base coat. So here is my base coat:

After applying base coat-which dries amazingly fast, I’m ready for my first coat of color. 🙂 So here is the final image of all my things needed before color goes on:

Doing all of this has greatly improved the condition of my cuticles and the strength of my nails. I hope it helps you. Let me know of any nail care tips you have. 🙂

Pink and Black Zebra

29 Sep

Today is September 28th and I am officially posting my first actual image. Woo hoo! Our internet connection has been horrible the past few weeks. The Lord was surely testing my patience. 🙂

For this manicure, I used a pink base: Sinful Colors #108; Timbleberry and I stamped with Sinful Colors #2; Black on Black. I am a biggg Sinful Colors fan. Along with the range of colors they have, I don’t feel guilty buying a bottle or two. Lol. The stamp plate I used is plate number BM-223 from Bundle Monster. I hope you like it. This image has been waiting on my computer. I have a few images I’ve kept since creating my blog that I’ve said “I can take pictures now and post later”. I will be posting a few others to show my routine before actually applying polish. Thank you for stopping by.


I’d like to thank the best husband in the world for being the best graphic artist in the world and loving me sooo much. 🙂 He is my artist and the creator of my logo. All my love.

Hello world!

15 Sep

This is my first official post. Woo hoo! Please be patient with me in getting this set up. I’m so excited to begin posting pictures and talking to everyone.

Thanks for visiting my site. 🙂