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Peacock Stamp

31 Oct

Evening! It’s been a looonnng time since I’ve posted anything. I haven’t had the time! My mommy’s wedding was a great success! All my errands and time was well spent. 🙂 And while I’ve still been doing my nails regularly, uploading and blogging, editing and posting, yada yada, was out of the question. lol. But anywho, I’m back! I have a nail party scheduled tomorrow so I’ll be posting pictures of that! Woo hoo!

Ok. So today’s post is kind of a “I didn’t know what to do” post. I get creative block when doing my nails sometimes. Today was one of those days. And while I still “like” my mani, I still feel kinda “Mehhh” about it. But here is the end result. I used Confettie’s “I ❤ U”  and stamped with Sinful Color’s “Black on Black”.

plate BM-212





Rebel Saint

20 Oct

Evening! It’s late and I’m tired. Lots of decorating for wedding today. Lots of driving, meetings this week. The list goes and goes. But in all things, give thanks. 🙂 And I am thankful. Just hoping it’ll warm up some for the wedding on Saturday. So today’s post is acutally last night’s manicure. I didn’t have time to take pictures or post it. I had a 7AM meeting this morning. So I said “I’ll wait”. lol. Anywho, I felt like being romantic. This red is definitely a romantic red. I wanted to keep it soft with flowers. (fyi, both colors are Color Club, which I’ll refer to as CC, brand).

My base coat is CC Red-ical Gypsy. I did 2 coats. Topped off with SV. Then stamped with another CC polish called Nomadic In Nude and again, topped off with a coat of SV. The plate number I used is BM-225. I hope you like it. 🙂 Hope to get another post in by week’s end. God Bless!

Teal Glitter Tips

16 Oct

Top of the morning to you! It’s about to be 12AM. My sister and I had our nail party today. This a gathering specifically deignated for manicures, good conversation, and jamming music. So this post will be about the manicure I gave her. It’s lovely.First things first, She started out with a base coat. We must always protect our nails from that sometimes cheap but very pretty nail color. So after she did her routine and base coat, I began. Then grabbed these awesome glitter pots I purchased from Hobby Lobby for about $7.

She chose the slighty green, more teal colored pot. Awesome choice!

With her color selected, I started the manicure. I did one nail at a time. Starting with tape, I taped off her tip and applied a clear coat (this brand was color club, but any clear polish will work). I then grabbed my e.l.f brand makeup brush (will be sure to photograph later) and wet it with polish remover and dipped into pot. I then dab the glitter on evenly. Then, I peel tape off and find a perfect line of glitter. 🙂 It’s lovely! Here are the results:

I hope you like it! Thanks to my sister for being my blog and manicure model! 🙂 God Bless!

Dancing Nails

14 Oct

It’s Friday! So thankful for this weekend. I’m tired and I’m craving chocolate cake. Anywho, had time to do my nails last night. Woo hoo! It felt good having a decent manicure again. My nails were in a sad state of neglect. Lol.

I did two coats on top of my SV base coat. If you missed my base coat, please click hereto read about it. 🙂 This base color is by Sinful Colors (my favorite brand so far) and is called Dancing Nails (awesome name) #835.

I used Bundle Monster Plate #BM-208. If you’ve never heard of Bundle Monster, they are a seller on Amazon. You can click here to view their bundles. Awesome deal! I’d much rather pay this than $5 a plate! No offense Konad. Lol! And I stamped with Sinful Colors Black on Black #2 polish. Love this black!

Well, I hope you like it! I’m trying to get better at matching my colors when stamping. Have a blessed one!


8 Oct

In the previous post (click here) I mentioned buying 2 new polishes. The first one I tried was beautiful. Very warm and classy. This one is a bit more playful, although I still find it classy, being pearly and champagne-y colored.

This polish is aslo a Confetti (cvs) brand. #006 I<3U (<-…love the name). This one I tried to do alone since I’ve been leaning towards plain and elegant, lately. But I didn’t like it alone with my skin tone. So I stamped it. I used plate# BM-204 and my stamping poilsh was actually my Masquerade Ball polish, which worked great with it! And then topped it off with Essie’s Matte About You. The pearl is very…pearly. lol. And it was over powering for the stamp, since it’s really shimmery. Once I added the Matte About You, it was perfect! 🙂

Haven’t been able to do my nails as much as usual but I am tyring to keep up. lol. Have a great weekend! God Bless.