Peacock Stamp

31 Oct

Evening! It’s been a looonnng time since I’ve posted anything. I haven’t had the time! My mommy’s wedding was a great success! All my errands and time was well spent. πŸ™‚ And while I’ve still been doing my nails regularly, uploading and blogging, editing and posting, yada yada, was out of the question. lol. But anywho, I’m back! I have a nail party scheduled tomorrow so I’ll be posting pictures of that! Woo hoo!

Ok. So today’s post is kind of a “I didn’t know what to do” post. I get creative block when doing my nails sometimes. Today was one of those days. And while I still “like” my mani, I still feel kinda “Mehhh” about it. But here is the end result. I used Confettie’s “I ❀ U”Β  and stamped with Sinful Color’s “Black on Black”.

plate BM-212





2 Responses to “Peacock Stamp”

  1. Minnie November 1, 2011 at 1:54 am #

    Me like-y πŸ˜€

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