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Vintage Violet

30 Nov

Hi again. Just did my nails tonight before going to bed. 🙂 I love all my Ulta colors so I used another one. This one is a pretty pink color, very soft, called Vintage Violet. I used 2 coats. It’s late and I dont have time for stamping but I do like this color plain. Very girly. 🙂 Anywho, I hope you like it. Have a good night!


Ulta Purchases / Envy

30 Nov

Happy tuesday! I hope everyone’s week is going smoothly. My day was a good one. I love my job and the people I work with make it all the merrier. 🙂 Today’s post is about the awesome deals I got at Ulta yesterday. So there are a few people who’ve found out about my addiction (dun, dun, and we went shopping on our lunch yesterday (dun dun dun). It was my first time ever at an Ulta store. Dangerous. lol. But we had our coupons. I found clearance Ulta brancd polishes for $2.00. My coupon was spend $10, get $3.50 off. So of course, grabbed five of them. woop woop! My total came out to $5.42. Don’t care about the math. lol. That’s $1 a bottle! So needless to say, I was ec-static! I took pictures and this is as close to the colors as I could get. They’re pretty close. Anywho, here are my purchases:

I wanted to try one out for my post. I chose the pretty green. For some reason when I purchased this I thought it would come out a teal color. But when I got home, I realized it was an emerald. Which is cool! Anywho, this is how it came out. It’s such a pretty color so I kept it simple. 🙂 I hope you like it.

Naughty on Shimmering Mauve

28 Nov

Hello ladies! Hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed thanksgiving holiday. Sorry I’ve not been able to post anything of late. I’ve been stuck in Hunger Games. 🙂 Couldn’t get my nose out of the books. lol. Very good series, highly recommend it. Anywho, this manicure is my first use of my newly purchased Orly collection, which was the previous post. Awesome. So my base coat was the Shimmering Mauve- 2 coats. It can have a redish tint to it, depending on the lighting and how many coats you use. These colors are very pigmented and they’re great one-coaters. I used 2 coats anyway so it came out a little darker. But I love the results. I stamped with Orly’s Naughty, which is a deep deep marroon/brown color. I used plate # BM-201. Very nice and very wintery to me. Anywho, enough of me talking. 🙂 Here are my results. I hope you like it!

Sexy Divide-Essie

15 Nov

What a name! lol. Hello again. I decided I had time to post today’s manicure. 🙂 The previous posting (show me the way) was yesterday’s manicure. And I used the same technique. I asked my husband “Pick a color” and he said “purple” So I did an all purple mani. Which I happen to love! So here it is!

My base coat is an Essie (my bf gave to me for my bday this year) color called “Sexy Divide”. It’s a shimmery dark purple. Very pretty. I did 2 coats of that and then stamped with Wet N Wild’s “Bite the Bullet” which is a thicker, creamier polish and it stamped perfectly with my Essie color!

I hope you like it! 🙂 God Bless!

Show me the Way

15 Nov

Hello All. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. For my last manicure, I didn’t even do a post. The pictures, the editing, the writing… yada yada. I was tired! LOL! 🙂 But anywho, it’s a new week. And I was creatively stumped last night. So I asked my husband, more told him, lol, “Pick a color” and he says… “Green!”. I say “oh no.” lol. Like, what can I do with green? Well there are a few stamps I have not used in my bundle so I decided to go “cliche” and do a green snake print mani. Here it goes:

For the base coat, I used 3 coats of a very sheer green by Sinful Colors- Show Me the Way #833. Very pretty one you get enough coats. It has a nice shimmer to it.

I stamped with Sinful Colors- Snow Me White #1.

And here is the full image. Sorry, I worked today. I didnt post them last night so you can see the wearing of the tips. Library work. 🙂