Show me the Way

15 Nov

Hello All. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. For my last manicure, I didn’t even do a post. The pictures, the editing, the writing… yada yada. I was tired! LOL! 🙂 But anywho, it’s a new week. And I was creatively stumped last night. So I asked my husband, more told him, lol, “Pick a color” and he says… “Green!”. I say “oh no.” lol. Like, what can I do with green? Well there are a few stamps I have not used in my bundle so I decided to go “cliche” and do a green snake print mani. Here it goes:

For the base coat, I used 3 coats of a very sheer green by Sinful Colors- Show Me the Way #833. Very pretty one you get enough coats. It has a nice shimmer to it.

I stamped with Sinful Colors- Snow Me White #1.

And here is the full image. Sorry, I worked today. I didnt post them last night so you can see the wearing of the tips. Library work. 🙂


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