Naughty on Shimmering Mauve

28 Nov

Hello ladies! Hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed thanksgiving holiday. Sorry I’ve not been able to post anything of late. I’ve been stuck in Hunger Games. 🙂 Couldn’t get my nose out of the books. lol. Very good series, highly recommend it. Anywho, this manicure is my first use of my newly purchased Orly collection, which was the previous post. Awesome. So my base coat was the Shimmering Mauve- 2 coats. It can have a redish tint to it, depending on the lighting and how many coats you use. These colors are very pigmented and they’re great one-coaters. I used 2 coats anyway so it came out a little darker. But I love the results. I stamped with Orly’s Naughty, which is a deep deep marroon/brown color. I used plate # BM-201. Very nice and very wintery to me. Anywho, enough of me talking. 🙂 Here are my results. I hope you like it!


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