Nouvea Vintage

26 Dec

***Mistakenly thought this was called Nouvea Vintage. The color is actually Earth Angel***

Happy Monday to you! Today is a day of resting and recooperating for my husband and me. 🙂 Lots of family to visit, lots of food and we had an awesome Game Night last night. So we’re tired but we’re thankful. God is good. So… yesterday during our Scrabble game, I noticed I had a hang nail. So I was trying to dig it out (one of my bad habits) and I realized it wasn’t a hang nail at all. My nail had split, or cracked, really high up toward the middle of my nail. It scared me, naturally, thinking I was going to bleed and have to pull all that nail, and some skin, off. Ick! So, I sat there thinking, “oh no. this is going to hurt SO bad”. lol. Well, I got it to peel off just the top layer. It left me a little thin piece of nail. So thankfully, I did not bleed out or cause myself any unbearable pain. lol. Thank God!

Ok. 🙂 Today’s color is by Color Club. We have an occasion to attend and since I practically “broke” a nail, I cut and filed all the others down. I can’t stand to have one short and the others long. Tacky. lol. So, I thought I’d stay simple and go nudey/natural. Which I really did like the outcome with my short nails. I did one base coat of my “Natural” by SV. And two coats of “Nouvea Vintage” (#922). And then topped it with my SV fast dry top coat. I love the gloss in this stuff!

I hope you like it! Have a great last week of 2011!


One Response to “Nouvea Vintage”

  1. juju38 December 26, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    i luv it!

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