Of Corset Is!

28 Dec

Happy Tuesday to you. It’s late so this one will be short. 🙂 I did my base coat first. It’s a must. Protect your nails from staining and an extra plus if it’s got strengthening ingredients like wheat or calcium. Then did two coats of my new color. It was one of many gifts of polish for Christmas. Thanks to all who gave me some! Love them.

So this new color is by Ulta. It’s called “Of Corset It!” (exclamation point included. lol.) This is more of a deep brown, maybe even black, with a nice purpley-golden hint of glitter. It’s very nice. And since my nail cracked and they’re short, I thought it a perfect time to do a dark color. I then topped it off with my SV fast dry top coat.

It’s not been my best manicure since I was rushing. blah. So sorry for the stuff you might see. 🙂 But I gotta do them. lol. I hope you like the color. Ulta colors ROCK!


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