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Pumping Gas

27 Feb

Happy Monday to you… it’s late. 🙂 I did my nails in a new color. It’s called Pumping Gas by Spoiled, a wet’n’wild brand. Again, the brushes are big and the bristles are heavy. Lot of clean up. But as for the color, i love the color. I did 2 coats of this and topped it off with my SV. At this moment, I did not notice that the i only eat salad green color i previously swatched had stained my skin. -_- sorry that it shows up. lol. But, the color is nice. Lol. 🙂 I then decided to go matte. So I then topped that with Essie’s Matte About You. Yay!

So I then wanted to do a zebra stamp. Lots of steps tonight. I used BM-223, the zebra image. I decided to use another new color called I’m Ba-Roque. The outcome was nice.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by. God Bless!


I Only Eat Salads

26 Feb

First review for my recent purchases. 🙂 *Picture heavy* I’ve been wanting a yellow-green for the longest. My eyes would always dart to the new Revlon polishes with gold bands on the bottle. But today CVS provided one for me with their new brand (by wet’n’wild) Spoiled. Yay!

My base coat is a cream polish. I did 2 coats of this and topped it with one coat of SV. The only thing I don’t like so far is the brush shape. It’s rounded, which is great! But it’s far too big. So if your nails are small or narrow, mine are narrow, this is kind of annoying since you’ll have a lot of clean up. Also, since the brush is so large, it’s also “bristle heavy” and on the first coat, can be streaky. Once the second coat was on, it was fine. Anywho, here is the color; solo. 🙂

I also wanted to stamp tonight. I pulled out the Red Angel stamps and chose plate RA-105. I used Sinful Colors’ “Show Me the Way”. It has a subtle shimmer to it. I liked the outcome, even if it’s a little loud. 🙂

New Purchases

26 Feb

Happy weekend lacquer addicts! 🙂 I hope you’re off to a great start. I had to work today. I had a prescription to pick up from CVS today after work. And don’t you know, right when I walked in, they had a new display of a new brand of lacquer? It’s Spoiled by wet’n’wild. I had to grab them! They have gorgeous colors and lots of glitters. eeks! I also snagged 2 more Confetti polishes. I’ll post all the colors I bought today. I hope you like them! I have to swatch and review them after this.

Left: “Pumping Gas” Middle: “Jewelry Heist” Right: “I’m Ba-Roque”

Left: “I Only Eat Salads” Right: “Tazmanian Devil”

Left: “Belle of the Ball”              Right: “Are Mermaids Real?”

Black on Black

24 Feb

Happy Thursday (or Friday) to you. 🙂 This post has a few pictures. So… after I did the pretty violet flake mani, today at work, I broke a nail. GRR. So, thank God for my emergency kit in my drawer. lol. I was able to clip and file them down (tear). I feel like I have little nubs for fingers. 🙂 So since they’re short again, I wanted to do a black mani, which I realized I haven’t done in a really long time, if ever.

My base color is Black on Black by sinful colors. i love this black. It’s very opaque and smooth in application. I did two coats and then topped with my SV (seche vite). I then stamped using plate BM-224. I believe this is my first time using this image. I loved it. I used utla’s “snow white” and added small rhinestone stickers to the flowers. 🙂 I then added another coat of SV. It came out cute.

Violet Flakes

23 Feb

Hola blog world. 🙂 Today is Pink Wednesday. Today’s mani is a flake. I love it. My base color is Ulta’s Vintage Violet. I did 2 coats of this and then topped it off with a coat of SV. I love ulta’s polishes. Their formulas are always so smooth. This is a creme based polish.





















I then decided to add my flake top coat Essie’s Shine of the Times. Be careful if you have this. The flakes are packed on the brush so you’ll have to dab some to get a pretty layer without it being overwhelming to your base color. I did one coat of the flakes and added another layer of SV. I hope you like it! 🙂