2 Mar

This post is for last night’s mani. I used Sinful Colors’ “Timbleberry”. It’s a coral pink color. I did 2 coats and topped it off with one coat of SV. I also stamped it but not too big on the image I chose so I won’t be posting those pictures. ^_^ But here is the lovely Timbleberry.


















One thing I do want to talk about in this post is why my nails are short.

I broke a nail sometime last week (week before). It was right after I had posted the Vintage Violet Flakes post. I have an emergency kit at work. So I was clipping (can’t have one short) and noticed I cannot go any shorter than the length in this post because it hurt. I was so shocked.

So I looked this up and learned that people with generally longer nail beds have a longer hyponychium. This is a layer of skin that keeps bacteria out from under your nail bed. This is the area directly above the free edge. Don’t try to cut into or push back as your fingers have very many sensitive nerves. And… you’ll bleed. So I’m working on keeping them short to see if this will help them “naturally” fall back some. We’ll see. But I sure do miss having them long. šŸ˜¦

Soo, that was just some info on nail care. Thanks for stopping by. God Bless! šŸ™‚


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