Green Lantern

4 Apr

Happy Wednesday! It’s bright and early! I am feeling a little soreness in my throat. 😦 I pray it goes away. But… I do hope that you have a great day!!!

I did my mani last night, as usual. My sister let me borrow her lovely “Mint” by Love&Beauty (a Forever21 brand). I love this green, but it’s far from mint. I wanted to do a stamp but then changed my mind as I was talking to my husband. It came out at him as, “*gasp*, I could do a green lantern mani!”. lol. And he smiled and said, “That would be cool”. The Green Lantern is his favorite in superhero stuff. lol. I have no clue about most of it but the movies are usually good, as far as superheroes go. Anywho, so I free handed my design. I haven’t free handed anything in a LONG time. So, it’s kinda sloppy, especially my left hand. lol. So excuse the imperfections. But overall, I like the turn out. And he liked them too. 🙂



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