Kickin’ The Habit

9 May

Hi everybody! I am doing 2 posts today, as you can see. My first was yesterday’s color and this post is for today’s color, which I did last night. I am behind in posting since my sleeping schedule has been all wacky and we’re always so busy. Right now is much needed down time for me. My husband is out for a bit and so the computer is free. 🙂

This post is one that is going to show off my newly purchased Spoiled colors. I’ve been talking with a friend of mine about the bold highlighter yellow everyone is rocking. We both say “I want it so bad”. lol. But we both have naturally tan complection, being of hispanic ethnicity. I’m always scared of how bad this bold and beautifully bright color will clash with my skin tone. lol. She recently encouraged me to buy a gold polish, which is another I feel will clash with my skin, but we’re stepping out! lol. These 5 colors are all neons! Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink and Green! EEEkkkssss! Pray for me to have courage. lol. That yellow one (being my favorite color) is really calling me. 🙂

Here is a photo of all 5 colors! Left to Right, Pink to Green:
Tip You Waitress, Jail Bait, Kickin’ The Habit, Did I Dye It Too Blonde?, Permission To Proceed

I did two coats of the Kickin’ The Habit and then decided to free hand some accent lines. It’s been forever! It didn’t come out as good, but I love this purple! Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!


2 Responses to “Kickin’ The Habit”

  1. Amber D. May 9, 2012 at 4:21 am #

    Very pretty!! I love the design idea that you added!

  2. Lacquer Addictions May 10, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    thank you Ma’am! 🙂

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