Neon Gradiant

11 May

Happy Friday to you! I’m calling today’s mani FUN FRIDAY. 🙂 I’ve been thinking of all the neon things I’ve seen and trying to think of something fun to do with my new Spoiled polishes. I found one! I decided to try a gradiant with a stamp! I’ve seen a lot of neon bases, mostly stripes, with crackle polishes that let the pretty colors come through, I’ve seen a lot of them use tape as well to let the color pop in. All very pretty. I wanted to use white. I hope you like the outcome. I was actually wow’ed with how bright it came out but luckily, I like it with my skin tone! Yay! Let me know what you think!

I started with Sinful Colors’ Snow Me White as a base to help pick up the actual color of the neons. If not, you won’t be able to pull this look off unless you can find a super opaque neon. I let it dry. I then took Spoiled’s pink color called “Tip Your Waitress“, the orange color called “Jail Bait” and the yellow called “Did I Dye It Too Blonde?” and sponged one color/row at a time until I liked the color. I then used BM-224, which my husband referred to as the girly alligator stamp, and stamped with Sinful Colors’ Snow Me White. Of course, I always top with SV.

I did alot of clean up since the sponging and stamping always will leave a mess. Sadly, I forgot to moisturize before taking the pictures (I was not a home for my mani and was rushing to get here. lol). So sorry if you see the after effects of acetone. 🙂


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