A Blessing

26 May

Hi! Happy Saturday to you! I just want to give thanks to God and to my friend for a huge blessing I’ve received.

My husband and I were at church and I saw my friend, a sister in Christ, who I haven’t seen in a while. The life of being a grown up, lol. And she said she had polish she wanted to give me. I was so excited! I was expecting a few bottles, I’ll gladly recieve any blessing the Lord sends my way. šŸ™‚ Well… she comes in with a small Bath-n-Body (woop!) bag full of polish! AHHHH! I almost cried, but she told me not to. lol. She blessed me so greatly I can’t even express it to you. I kept getting squeaky and insanely high pitched and clutching the bag to me. I’m crazy, yes. But insanely, crazily, BLESSED! Thank you, Jackie! From the bottom of my heart!

Here’s what I got in her goody baggy to me (sorry it’s a cell phone picture):

She have me 13 Orly , 4 Finger Paints, and 22 China Glaze polishes!

I expressed my gratitude all the more to her when I explained that I’m my addiction is based on a budget (lol) and that I’ve always wanted to buy these but they’re always so pricey. I am still just blown away. Thank you!!!!! ā¤


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