Memorial Day tribute

29 May

Happy Memorial Day to you. It’s evening now but never to late to pay my respects to those in the military and those who gave their life for our country. I have brothers very close to my heart who have served and are serving:
1. David Caballero- United States Army
2. Robert Originales Jr.- United States Marine Corps. retired
3. Samuel Originales- United States Marine Corps.
Though small, this mani is my tribute to all of the service men and women who honor our country with their lives and for their familes who are behind them all the way. Thank you and God Bless!

I did some layering today. I wanted to post pictures and do a patriotic manicure for all my brothers who serve. I went with China Glaze’s “Frostbite” (a new addition to my collection, thanks to my friend). I did two coats of this. I then decided to use my ring finger as an accent finger for the American Flag. đŸ™‚ I used tape (eeks!) and it came out fairly decent. I painted the base red, taped off with 3 strips, and painted over it in Sinful Colors’ “Snow Me White”. I then retaped again (after SV) and added “Frostbite” to the top and added more SV. I then used BM-206 (a star image) and stamped the tops of the blue I just taped. I hope you like it. I feel very unworthy to do this manicure, as I know the cost of having family in the service. Again, thank you.


*this photo with flash*



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