Funky Nails-Chic

10 Jun

Happy Sunday to you! I am thankful that our internet is back up. Our hardware for the internet/ethernet cable input fried out. Blah! -_- But we got it replaced and thanks to the Lord, I’m back! lol. Sorry for the day’s delay. I was really hoping to get them in yesterday.

Anywho… this is the second post for Funky Nails collection called “EVERY WOMAN”. This a lovely color! It’s a nice tan/champagne color with gold glitter. I love it! Very lady-like and as Funky Nails says, very work appropriate! 🙂 It was sort of difficult to capture the color.  So I hope you like it. And FYI, she now has a link directed to her shop at the top right corner. 🙂 Yay! Congrats to Funky Nails for her first weekend! Woo!

Here is the second polish of the “EVERY WOMAN” Funky Nails collection! This pretty tan thang is called Chic “Chic is a tan nude with gold shimmer.”

*no flash*


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