Funky Nails-Caviar Dreams

17 Jun

Happy Sunday to you! Today’s post is a swatch from last week. Last week was a very busy and hard week. I painted a few times. I’ll just say that my emotions were very much like a roller coaster. However, this weekend has been much better. Saturday was a huge improvement on my emotional ride of a week and I am thankful. I hate feeling like that.

Here is the first of my swatches for the Funky Nails mini collection of the LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. It’s called Caviar Dreams. 🙂
I love this glitter polish. She did great with her glitter selection and combos; “Caviar Dreams is black and silver hex in a shimmery silver base”.

I layered it over an Orly called “Powder Puff” which is a pink-creme/nude color. I liked this combo. It let the glitters take over. 🙂 I hope you like it.

*this photo with flash*

*last photos no flash*


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