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Force Field

24 Aug

Happy Friday lacquer lovers! It’s been forever! My birthday was on Wednesday and I had get togethers all week. Believe it or not, my nails have actually been naked allllll week! I haven’t painted since… before last friday. Well for my birthday, one of my little sisters gave me new polish! Eeks!!! 😀 She gave me two magnetics and one essie-which I saw at a store we went to. Thank you, Shannon! So I’m swatching one of those magnetics. yay!!!

This one is called Force Field, by Sinful Colors. It’s a nice green. It comes with a small tag with instructions- 1.) base coat, dry 2.) one coat color, dry 3.) apply second coat. before it dries, hold magnet over nail for 18 seconds. and… IT WORKED! lol. 🙂 i loved it! My right hand was being funky, though. I redid it once after not liking it (especially compared to my left hand) and my pinky still came out flickted. lol. Also, you’re suppose to make sure it’s dry before adding topcoat. Of course, i’m impatient and it smeared a little here and there… but, here are my results. All photos here are with flash and one coat of SV. Thank you for stopping by. You make my day! God Bless!



Nomadic in Nude

13 Aug

Happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend was great! Mine was many blessings-full. The Lord is good. 🙂 I’d like to say congratulations to our good friends Sammy & Cynthia! They were united in marriage on Saturday. We are so happy for them! This mani is actually the one I wore for their wedding.

The base color is Color Club’s “Nomadic in Nude”. This color is a warm beige color. It’s a nude based color but due to my natural tan, you may not tell. But on others, it will definitely look nude. 🙂 Either way, I really like this color. It went great with my dress and their wedding. I did 2 coats of this and topped it off with Sv. I then stamped my ring fingers with Snow Me White-something soft and barely there. I used plate BM- 210. I then added small pink rhinestones to all of my fingers to accent them and give them subtle bling. This also went really well with my dress since it was a coral, pinky color. I hope you like it! All of these photos were taken with flash.

Thanks for stopping by! God Bless & have a great week!


10 Aug

Happy Friday to you! This has been one crazy week. It’s been busy but I’d rather it be busy and fly than slow and drag.  So… I missed Pink Wednesday this week. Grr. I’ve really been itching to do a pink mani lately. I really loved the Denim to Earth this week but I just didn’t have time to do anything. Only reason I am now is because I napped this afternoon, into the evening since my husband didn’t wake me up. I felt good but then I was like, “NO!”. And then I was like, “Yay! I can paint!”. So, here I am. 🙂

Digging the name of this polish? Lol! This is China Glaze’s “Naked”. Boy, do i LOVE this color! I was going to go for a super popping pink. But I saw this one, and realized it’s too pretty not to have used it yet, and opted for this lovely soft, feminine color. I did two coats and topped off with SV. The application was smooth and easy. It’s shimmery with fine glitter. I then used my Red Angel plate RA-109. As I said, I feel this a very girly color so I opted for a single floral image-Sinful Color’s Snow Me White- on my ring fingers and added some “bling” to the middles. Love it! And, I feel it’s work appropriate. So if you’re looking for “work” manis, give this bottle a go. I hope you like it and you feel pretty in your pink! All these photos are without flash. Thanks for stopping by. God Bless!



Denim to Earth

9 Aug

welcome back to Lacquer Addictions! 🙂 It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post! Things finally feel like they’re starting to wind down. We still have a lot going on, the Lord’s work never stops, but it’s nice to take a breather every few days.

Today’s post is a new color. I got my hands on a pretty, duo-toned Nicole polish. In the bottle, it’s a deep blue with gray tones but purple shimmers. One way you see the blues and the other you see the purples. I love it! I did two coats on all of my nails. Again, in some lighting, you see the blue, sometimes it looks black, and others you can faintly see the purples. It was very hard to photograph. I then did one coat of one of Essie’s “luxe effects” polishes- Shine of the Times. I didn’t like the whole thing in flakes so I opted for an accent of the flakes. I went over that and left a small side of the flakes peaking through. I really liked the outcome. I then accented my thumbs with the same flake polish. It feels good to paint and post. I hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by! I definitely missed this. God Bless!



Retreat Weekend

2 Aug

This is an update.

This week has been a very busy one for us. We’ve been planning to get our Youth Group ready for our weekend retreat and that means I didn’t get to paint this week. Well, I did have a nail party with my sisters but I didn’t photograph our work. I must say that all our nails were rocking. 🙂 But… back to the update, we’re leaving today.  This time is a time for them to break away from cell phones, computers, video games, etc. and just focus on God and what He has created. He created them! He created the earth and every living thing in it.

Please pray for me and my husband, for the other leaders, for all of the youth, for a safe trip, for the Spirit to freely roam, for brotherhood, for breaking down walls and chain, for freedom in Christ Jesus. 🙂 I shall be back to painting hopefully by Monday. Have a blessed one!