Force Field

24 Aug

Happy Friday lacquer lovers! It’s been forever! My birthday was on Wednesday and I had get togethers all week. Believe it or not, my nails have actually been naked allllll week! I haven’t painted since… before last friday. Well for my birthday, one of my little sisters gave me new polish! Eeks!!! 😀 She gave me two magnetics and one essie-which I saw at a store we went to. Thank you, Shannon! So I’m swatching one of those magnetics. yay!!!

This one is called Force Field, by Sinful Colors. It’s a nice green. It comes with a small tag with instructions- 1.) base coat, dry 2.) one coat color, dry 3.) apply second coat. before it dries, hold magnet over nail for 18 seconds. and… IT WORKED! lol. 🙂 i loved it! My right hand was being funky, though. I redid it once after not liking it (especially compared to my left hand) and my pinky still came out flickted. lol. Also, you’re suppose to make sure it’s dry before adding topcoat. Of course, i’m impatient and it smeared a little here and there… but, here are my results. All photos here are with flash and one coat of SV. Thank you for stopping by. You make my day! God Bless!



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