Overdue Update

24 Sep

Hi Lacquer world. It’s been a long time! Life doesn’t slow down, even when my nails are naked for a week straight! :/ So, this post is just giving you the “daily” on my nail beds.

They’re pretty sad right now. I just painted them and stamped some but I had a break on my middle finger and it makes my whole nail look lop-sided. So yeah, I definitely won’t be posting until it grows some. But that’s what happens when I work with books and especially working with books and no polish-they break! Grr!

I hope your week is started off great! 🙂 I had a bad case of the Mondays today so it was kinda blah. Anywho, until my beds look better and grow out, have a blessed week! Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Sara


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