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6 Dec

Happy Monday. (or tuesday) to everyone! I hope you had a good day. It’s been cold and wet here. But we need the rain. My original mani included a black base coat and the nice shimmery purple I bought at Ulta. Love Ulta! 🙂 But then I smudged it while cleaning my station and then it just frustrated me. lol. So I changed my mind. And started all over again.

Today’s color is called Overheat. It’s by L.A. Girl. “with diamond powder and white tea extract” 🙂 so it’s got a shimmer to it. I’ve been wanting to do a nice red since my co-worker got her nails done in red. It looks so pretty. So tomorrow I shall be a “copy cat” lol. I did a coat of my base coat and then 3 coats of this color. It’s sheer as it is, as most colors are that have shimmer to them, so I did 2 coats for a solid red color. But then I still wanted more red so I did a third and topped it with my SV. 🙂 I hope you like it!