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Second Marble

26 Oct

So after not liking the first marble I ever did, I wore it for 2 days. Last night I took it off and was going to do a stamp mani but then decided I’d try to conquer this dislike of marble manis and their insanely complicated process. So instead of trying the 3 colored marble, I opted for 2 colors instead. I probably should have tried the simple way first but I was being brave. πŸ™‚ So here is my second attempt at a marble mani!

I started off with my base color; Nina Ulta Pro’s “Lilac-ing Discipline”-a soft lavender color. I did two coats of this and let dry. I then started adding my drops to my water. I only used this color and Love & Beauty’s “Dark Purple”- a dark purple with blue glitters. I think I did much better this time at the dragging and making the designs. Still not what I’m going for but I feel I’ve made at least a small improvement. I also did not tape this time. I just dunked and did a major clean up. Taping off just takes a lot longer. So here is the mani!

left hand, with flash

One big challenge for me is the water beading on the polish after lifting it up. It leaves little rings. If you’re good at these, πŸ™‚ , do you know a way to prevent them from leaving the rings/dots on your nails?Β Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! God Bless!


First Marble

23 Oct

It’s been a crazy day for my nails. Last night, I did my first attempt at a marble mani. I will say it is not what I’d hoped for but I’m glad I finally tried it out and “tested the water”. πŸ™‚ Here’s how it went:

I started with 2 coats of Orly’s “Powder Puff”, which is a lovely, slightly off-white color. I wanted my colors to pop nicely so that’s the reason for my base color. I topped this off with SV.

*with flash*

I then took four colors: a hot pink (not labeled with brand/name), Sinful Color’s “Snow Me White” and “Black on Black” and Wet’N’Wild’s “Metallica” (silver). I did not have a small bowl or cup low enough for dipping so I simply cut a plastic cup down to what I thought was a good size. I taped off my thumb and began my drops. I did the pink first and the unnamed bottle spread so good! I was excited and at this point, very optimistic. πŸ™‚ I then did silver, white, pink, black and went with rotating them. the black and white did not spread so good. But, here’s how my thumb- the first dunked- came out.

*with flash*

I cannot tell you how ecstatic and excited and proud I was! I was like, “Yes! It’s going to be fast and easy and look great!” Boy, did I speak too soon! Lol! Here’s how the whole mani came out. I was VERY disappointed and aggravated with the outcome.

*with flash*

After my first dunk, my designs kept getting pulled up with my toothpick or I didn’t know how to recreate the first pretty, even marble design. And it was a MESS!

*with flash*

But, as I said, I’m glad I finally tried- even though it was a PAIN IN THE NECK! I ended up trying to spruce it up and hated it more. lol. But, better luck next time? If there is a next time!

Thanks for stopping by for this marble madness mani! πŸ™‚ I hope your marble patterns come out a lot better! Happy painting! -Sara