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Jewelry Heist in blue

24 Apr

Happy Monday to you blog and lacquer addicts! 🙂 Today was a great day! I was super busy at work and the day flew by. Was going to prepare our dinner and my mother-in-law invited us for dinner. I was sure to let her know how happy I was that I didn’t have to cook. lol. So thankful for both of the moms in my life. God is good.

Today’s post was a result of “mani block”. lol. I had no idea what color to choose or what to do with that color. I hate when this happens. I saw the pretty glitter in Spoiled’s “Jewelry Heist” and wanted it. Then saw the springy and sparkly blue of Revlon’s “Blue Lagoon”, which I used just a few manis back. But I went for it. I did two coats of Blue Lagoon and one coat, 2 in some places, of the Jewelry Heist. I like the combo.

The pictures never capture the blue in this color. It always comes out too green or too… something. Doesn’t do it justice. Also, I didn’t notice till I was adding logos to my pictures, there’s some bubbling! Grr. Sorry about that. The Blue Lagoon goes on streaky so took about 3 coats to even it out. So with my glitter coat and my SV, it bubbled. Sorry. Let me know what you think! 🙂 God Bless!



Ombre with stamp

13 Apr

Today’s second post is of my mani which I did after my sister’s mani… which was when I got home. Hubby said good night. He’s still not feeling well. 😦 But all in all, we had a great day and a great evening. ❤

My mani was inspired by my husband. After doing my sister’s nails I could not think of anything I wanted to do. So I asked my huband the question “Color?” I love that he helps me. He said, “Blue and black. But, baby blue and black.” I love him! 🙂 So this got my wheels going. I was just going to paint them baby blue and stamp with black. But that’s so simple. lol. I’m feeling daring. So I thought that the baby blue and black would make an awesome gradient or “ombre” mani! HA! I had no idea. It was hard to get them to blend just “so”. Took me a while. I’m not happy with the left hand results but then I did my right hand and liked it much better!

I did 2 coats of sponging with Revlon’s Blue Lagoon. I then did some sponging with Sinful Colors’ Black on Black. I went back and blended some more of the blue and again with black. Takes a few times to get it right. Then topped it off with SV. I used my Red Angel stamp RA-102. I was only going to do my ring fingers but ended up really liking it and stamped them all. 🙂 I hope you like it! Sponging is fun once you get the hang of it. Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!!!

Raspberry Wednesday

12 Apr

Happy Pink Wednesday to you! I am glad to say that I had time tonight to paint and fix, sorta (lol), and photograph my mani. Yay! I posted this morning not knowing if I’d have time tonight. Please pray for my husband and me. Our allergies are really kicking us. He had a nose bleed with clotting today. My cough won’t go. It’s no fun. We’d appreciate it. 🙂

Tonight’s post is very very pink! My base coat was 2 coats of Revlon’s Raspberry Rapture; complete with raspberry “parfume”. hee hee. I topped with my SV. I then taped off my ring fingers, one at a time, and painted the outer half corners with Sinful Colors’ Snow Me White, another layer of SV. I taped off again and added a coat of Essie’s Cute As A Button. Another coat of SV. I still wanted more so I then added a coat of Confetti’s Pink Confetti, which is a glitter, and it was done. lol. Let me remind you, I am NOT good with the taping technique. You’ll see that enough in this post. lol. But I hadn’t tried it in a while and thought, WHY NOT? I hope you like all the pinks! All photos here are without flash. Thanks for stopping by and for your patience. God Bless! ❤


Cheetah Remake

3 Apr

Hello bloggers and readers, nail lovers alike! 🙂 I hope your week is off to a great start!

Today’s post is a remake. I found an awesome mani today, via the www. I had enough time to snag a celly picture of it but didn’t get to save it or go back to the link… which was not the original post. It was a repost. So… to whoever created it, awesome job! I wanted to take a shot at this on myself first but thought it’d be better on my little sister. And I was right! It looked great on her! We had a nail party with a few other ladies. It was so much fun!

As far as colors go, her base color is called Sweet Tart by Revlon. Very pretty color. I used 4 other colors, application: sponging. 1. Earthy Angel by Color Club, 2. Lightening by Sally Hansen Insta Dry, 3. Belle of the Ball by Confetti, and 4. Make Mine Mango by Revlon. I then topped with SV. We then stamped using bm plate 221, the cheetah image, with Black on Black by Sinful Colors. I then added small confetti glitter pieces to each of the “plain” nails. I love how it came out! Let me know what you think! 🙂


30 Jan

Happy Monday to you all! I hope today goes by smooth and fast for you. Today’s post is about a beautiful find I found while picking up shampoo today. I had found this picture while browsing on Pinterest.com and I pinned it. You can find it here. Well, the color I found today is the exact replica; in comparison to  Deborah Lippmann’s “Glitter in the Air”, only cheaper. 🙂 Thanks to Revlon for making this a $3-something purchase rather than a $17-something purchase. The only down side to this color is that it’s very sheer and took about 4 coats for it to look somewhat blue. But other than that, i love it! Here is my newly purchased Whimsical! I hope you like it!