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Hook and Line- Hunger Games China Glaze

12 Mar

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had a great weekend!

Today’s post is another glimpse of the Hunger Games China Glaze collection. We have 2 weeks till the movie! Eeks! 🙂 This color is a pretty silver but more of a grayed-silver than silver-silver. lol. I like it. The only down side is that it streaks when applying. 😦 And even with my SV top coat, it didn’t even them all out. Bummer. But the color is nice. I also had to nip a really high hang nail on Friday. Please excuse the boo-boo. It was deep. This weekend has not been one in favor of my nails. Oh well. Here is Hook And Line. Both photos are with flash. Have  a blessed week! 🙂