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Tyin’ the Knot!

17 Jan

Happy Monday to you! ^_^ I hope that your weekend was enjoyable. Happy MLK day. I’m thankful for the day off. Back to work tomorrow. I have a few bottles I still have not used. One being, Tyin’ the Knot! (punctuation marks included). This is by Sally Hansen, the Diamond Strength brand. I love this color. I did 2 coats and let dry. I was going to stamp it but opted for texture instead. I used Nicole’s (by OPI) Black Texture. I was dissapointed in the dullness of my texture top coat, it was kinda dull and gray. But once I added my SV top coat, it was like, BAM! I’m here and I’m texture! LOL! 😀 So, needless to say, I was very happy. I hope you like it!


I hope you have a blessed week! Thanks for stopping by!


Nail Partayy!

2 Nov

Evening to all! It’s been a wonderful evening. I made my first pot of atole’ which is pretty much a mexican oatmeal. It was delish! I have to put it up everywhere today. lol. I am very proud. 🙂 As for nails, I invited my sister and two other sisters in Christ Jesus over for, what we call, a Nail Party. This is usually when my husband is out with his band and I have our home to myself. So we had a ball! Thanks to my bf, Elena, for the tea. This post will have lots of pictures. 🙂 yay!

Ok. So…my mani was done as follows. Base coat was 2 coats of Sinful Color’s “Mint Apple” #947. My stamping color was Wet n Wild’s “Blue Moon” #466. And my plate number was BM-205. I loved the outcome. I was going to give up after the new polish I bought today did not stamp well with my base and I just so happened to pick up my Blue Moon. 🙂 eeks! So here’s my mani and I hope you like it:

My sister did a base coat of Wet n Wilds’ “Metallica” #468. She went over it with Nicole’s (by OPI) Texture polish in Black. 🙂 Here’s her mani:

My other sister 🙂 did a purple base coat (not sure which brand she used) stamped with a leopard print image. I don’t have her specifics but here’s her mani:

And here is a picture of all of them at my table before we actually got started. 🙂 It was fun! thank you for stopping by! God Bless and good night!

Previous Manis

29 Sep

Good Morning. I just wanted to post a few pictures of some previous manis until I can get another set done. I was too busy last night tyring to post pictures to do a new set. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll like these. I’ll have to get back to you with colors of polishes and such. These 2 base colors are by Sinful Colors.

 This next one, is Mint Apple by Sinful Colors. The top coat is Nicole’s (by OPI) textur in black. I love this look. 🙂  
Like I said, these are some pictures of previous manis. I first posted these on my Pinterest account so if you’ve seen them, that was before I had my logo. lol. I’ll get some new stuff posted soon. Thank you. 🙂