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Teal Glitter Tips

16 Oct

Top of the morning to you! It’s about to be 12AM. My sister and I had our nail party today. This a gathering specifically deignated for manicures, good conversation, and jamming music. So this post will be about the manicure I gave her. It’s lovely.First things first, She started out with a base coat. We must always protect our nails from that sometimes cheap but very pretty nail color. So after she did her routine and base coat, I began. Then grabbed these awesome glitter pots I purchased from Hobby Lobby for about $7.

She chose the slighty green, more teal colored pot. Awesome choice!

With her color selected, I started the manicure. I did one nail at a time. Starting with tape, I taped off her tip and applied a clear coat (this brand was color club, but any clear polish will work). I then grabbed my e.l.f brand makeup brush (will be sure to photograph later) and wet it with polish remover and dipped into pot. I then dab the glitter on evenly. Then, I peel tape off and find a perfect line of glitter. 🙂 It’s lovely! Here are the results:

I hope you like it! Thanks to my sister for being my blog and manicure model! 🙂 God Bless!