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Did I Dye It Too Blonde

8 Oct

Happy Monday to you, world! I’ve not painted my nails again. After posting the Leap Flog mani I did not like my broken nail so I’ve not painted them. Instead, I’ll be posting a mani I forgot to post about. For the longest I’d see everyone doing the neon yellow mani.  Boy, did I want to. But again, with my skin tone, I was hesitant and scared. 🙂 Then one day I just said “DO IT!” and I did. here is Spoiled’s “Did I Dye It Too Blond”. I first did one coat of Sinful Color’s “Snow Me White”. Neon yellows tend to be sheer. So after the white dried, I did about 2-3 coats per nail. I hope you try a neon yellow!



Feeling Brave

30 Dec

Happy Thursday (or Friday, depending on your location in the world)! 🙂 I hope you have a great day! As for me, we’re readying for bed. I am tired. But oh so happy. And like the title of this post, I felt very brave today. My favorite color is yellow. I love yellow. I’m naturally a very bubbly, peppy, and joyful person. Yellow suits me and it motivates me. But, I’ve never ever bought a yellow polish. I’ve never felt it would suit my skin tone. But today while out on my lunch, I found a very lovely shade of yellow by Sally Hansen- the Instra-Dri brand. It’s called Lightening. And boy is it! 🙂 With my newly found “yellow” courage, I bought it!